Java Tutorial with some SQL and Comparison to Python, for beginners

Please note that many, but not all of these tutorials are a bit outdated and somewhat on the complicated side. This is why we started our new website at to provide an easier roadmap for beginners to get started in 2022. Start with my simple JDBC tutorial when landing on the new site.

click here for tutorial 1 - installing the Java Environment

click here for tutorial 2 - create and run a simple program in Eclipse. Introduction to Tomcat and Java Servlets

click here for tutorial 3 - Java Inheritance, Libraries and http Servers with Comparison to Python

click here for tutorial 4 - Learn SQL and JDBC in Eclipse using an Embedded SQLite Database

tutorials below are not operational yet, please go back to my old wix site to access them

click here to go back to additional Java Tutorials 5 thru 7

click here for tutorial 5 - Read data from Excel Spreadsheet into SQL Database using Java

Tutorial 5a - repeat SQLite inserts from Tutorial 5 but do the same using Python instead of Java

click here for tutorial 6 - Execute SQL to HTML result in both Python and Java, compare the code in each

Tutorial 7- SQL Online practice area with commands for Advanced Beginners. Export data to CSV and render to Excel using Java

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