getting started with Java

How to get started with Java 
These instructions are based on a Windows 64 bit system, so if you have any other system you need to download jdk and eclipse for your desired system. 
Before we begin to write code in java we need to download and install JDK (Java Developers Kit) and we also need the Eclipse development environment. Please note that this is an old tutorial. As an alternative to Oracle JDK we now have free OpenJDK and also a more recent alternative to Eclipse is Spring STS which has an embedded version of Tomcat already included. See my more recent tutorials at and it will save a bunch of headaches wrestling with Tomcat.  
First the JDK 
Download and install jdk. Note that this jdk version comes with the corresponding JRE (java runtime environment) that is needed to run Eclipse. 
keep this page open for instructions, open a second browser and go to this link  

Please note that the images below have changed. The link for JDK download is still the same and u can choose the windows 64 version....we will be updating this windows 64 version scroll over to the right and press the zip file link, then accept the license agreement there, then press download. PS: u need to download this to a desktop computer and not to ur phone.

we will see the following when at the Oracle link

oracle jdk download

Accept the license agreement, it is easy to miss this part, so go half way down the page and you will see a small radio button, press this 
Then next, for windows choose this one and for 64 bit system  press jdk-8u201…...x64.exe 

windows choice

After the download finishes, go to your downloads section and you will see this 

downloads section

Double click and follow instructions to install jdk on your computer 

java next

click next until finished

When finished, it is time to download and install Eclipse. Normally Eclipse will be smart enough to find your version of the installed JRE otherwise we need to install it manually 
Eclipse is where we will do our coding. This is a globally favorite and very widely used tool and many online tutorials prefer Eclipse 

Please be advised that since I originally wrote this piece, that u may want to choose the most recent version of eclipse from the downloads section and also u may want to download the J2EE version so u don't have to modify the current version later as recommended in tutorial #2 in order to deploy servlets. Also understand that since the original writing some download links may have changed a bit

For windows 64 bit choose this link  

eclipse intro

Press download, Then you will see this 

get eclipse

Double click this and then you may need to press download again Then you will see this in your downloads area after the download is complete 

eclipse down

When you see this double click on it Then click install - be sure to make a note of the install path on your computer Then accept the agreement 
It takes a few minutes to install and then you will see this 

eclipse launch

This will bring you to your workspace 
Press launch For first time installers and you will see this 

eclipse welcome

X out of this and workspace will be visible…..this is where we will write some java and I will teach you this in the next lesson 
The install program will create this icon on your desktop and this is how we launch eclipse for future use 

eclipse icon

You can also manually find the install path for Eclipse This is my path but you will see your name instead of rickd 

eclipse path

To start, if not from the desktop icon, click on purple eclipse icon here 
Next step is to set up a default project and also verify that your local jre/jdk is connected 

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