Afraid of JAVA ?

see the word JAVA and just cringe or want to run? Have an aversion to programming?

What about learning just enough to get by or even better, just enough to boast to your peers that u know it….u dont have to know ALL of one ever said that

For reading data off a spreadsheet and displaying back in a browser we have no choice but to use a programming language to do this. But it is possible to do with bare bones knowledge and this is why u are at this site. We use a copy and paste approach and then learn the rest later.

Your net worth goes up and your employability is definitely  impacted because u are more well rounded or at least u are trying to be

If u really want to skip the java part for now, at minimum, go to tutorial 4 and do only the part where we download SQLite and do some SQL at the command prompt. Or try some SQL live online with tutorial 7


Then u need to decide if programming is something u might like

Or u can quit all together like i did many times

Consider learning Java and SQL together

We only need to know 4 concepts for the JAVA side:

Here are 7 basic concepts in SQL:

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