Personality Traits of the Beginner Programmer


Here are some of the personality traits needed to learn programming:

attention span, obsessive personality, patience, focus, perseverance, love what you are doing (passion), dedication to the cause

What kind of personality do you need to become a programmer?


A short attention span won’t cut it. You need to be dedicated and willing to sit in front of a computer for hours at a time. You also need to be somewhat obsessive. In other words you need to repeatedly execute code until it works, without getting impatient.


In the beginning you will encounter many opinions out there but if you go in 20 different directions then I guarantee you won’t cut it as a programmer. Focus is needed especially in the beginning and willingness to trust yourself in the direction you choose is very important.


You must persevere in what you are doing because I will tell you that I personally gave up on this endeavor many times and this is why it took me 10 years before I actually got a job in the field.


I aim to fast track the educational process by offering small chunks of free information to get started. Hopefully we make our journey fun together because if you don’t love what you are doing then you will not keep doing it.


Patience is a must because we make a lot of mistakes as a beginner.

To learn more, follow me on Facebook, friend me and I will add you to the learning group.


Read the free tutorials that I offer and then you decide a path to follow. No need to rush because if you do this you may get discouraged and give up. Go out there and do research to compare what others have to offer on the topic but enjoy my free stuff for now. Later on, get some one on one screen sharing time with me so I can customize the experience.


Are we having fun yet?


PS: get off those cell phones and Facebook, and park yourself in front of a real desktop computer….this is the ultimate commitment test… will not regret it because it can lead to a rewarding and lucrative career

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