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SQL and JAVA go hand in hand

SQL and JAVA was truly a match made in heaven back in the ole days for us old timers (circa 1998) because of the native java sql package and the servlet spec that came out around then.

The classic servlet architecture allows a connection to a datasource and frontend html all in the same file. Thus there is no need for a full fledged web app because we can simulate a web app using just a servlet. We not only have the connection object but all the crud operations coming from the java sql package. SQL was meant for java once the servlet spec was introduced. We can also do other cool stuff like servlet chaining using the html form tag embedded right into the servlet. In fact we can embed much more html inside the servlet so we have front end functionality all in a backend file. The servlet spec, introduced circa 1998 made us all a bit lazy because servlet did it all. It simulated frontend functionality in addition to grabbing data and chaining files. With servlet u can also use inheritance via setting and getting attributes from the original file in the servlet chain. Servlet truly has it all. We must load an sql driver in order for the sql package to work so in addition to the one file webapp we need a webinf library, which is the sql driver file. Also we can skip web.xml just by adding an annotation to the servlet. So because of all this i never used jsp for frontend nor did i ever create a web archive or war file, just used servlet thats all.

note we are only using the sql part of java so this site is only about a quick way to get started with java, thru sql and not much else is taught at this site

we do teach nosql in addition to sql

for basic crud opps, the servlet became the app, also same for forms.

one would not be remis to deploy all this architecture today in 2023 but it requires server overhead to do so. It is much simpler to nix the servers for small use cases using data. This site embraces the new way of doing crud via nosql. Click on the Web section of this site to find out how.