AWS Serverless without EC2 and Route 53 10-21-22

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For quite some time I was only partially serverless. I replaced my Java Tomcat Server with Lambda and also ditched my mysql server in favor of nosql stored in AWS s3. But I still needed to host my website somewhere. The conventional way was to get an IP address from Ec2 using Route 53. Then I listened for requests to this ip using apache24. My apache server needed to be hosted on ec2 so I still had a server and thus a hybrid serverless approach. Also I proxied tomcat behind apache

Lambda does not require a server. We obtain a url to the lambda function using api gateway.

I am only using a bit of logic so don’t need a whole jvm with tomcat servlet to do this

Finally I found a free apache service so I use someone else's ip address and just point my dns to their nameservers. Since I unplugged tomcat I don’t need the proxy anymore in apache. These free outside apache servers do not include tomcat anyway.

Lambda - application logic

Api gateway - the http client with a url address (on the aws server not my server)

S3 - document db storage

Analytics, using JS fetch to lambda url and Javascript array methods for crud operations

Java becomes Lambda

Sql noSql

Web js fetch and array methods for rendering, also analytics

Web hosting external apache service

10-20 over time I tried many of the services

AWS services I used



AWS Lambda

API Gateway


IAM - need permissions to connect to all aws services

AWS Services I decided not to use

Aurora - the sql query engine i never used, I think this gave sql ability to nosql, instead I opted for js array methods to do crud operations and also dumped dynamo in the process



Cloudfront - decided index file not to be at s3, I opted for remote apache

AWS Certificate Manager - opted for lets encrypt ssl instead

Servers used before I went serverless

AWS EC2 windows server instance

Apache24 server

Java JVM - java virtual machine with JDK, this is kind of like a server

Tomcat Servlet Server - hosting jdbc servlet from java sql package

MySQL server at port 3306 gave way to embedded sqlite which still needed a physical presence ie the connection object provided by servlet, we were still beholden to java

SQLite server - embedded in java app , beginnings of my document approach but still beholden to java

SQL query engine - kind of like a server, ie needed the above java in tomcat using jdbc, the engine interprets sql commands as used in crud

Libraries I used before serverless - I also ditched the libs because the slow down load time

Bootstrap CSS



Axios - gave way to vanilla fetch

Apache server - this is how I managed apache on my own prior to serverless

Vhosts - http section and https 443 section needed maintaining

Ensuring that http, www and https/www all point to only one version ie the https version

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Tomcat proxy

Ssl installed in conf

Web host

Httpd.conf routed ec2 ip to name hosts

Show before and after …what was present day called?? Old vs new..i think we called it the present state and the future state (proposed new stack) was, as is state and to be state

This is a software development term like sdlc (software dev life cycle)

Linking to web dev

Going serverless is like an evolving process where i was stuck for so long in the hybrid state managing my own apache. Also weened myself off jquery, another evolving process

Now we have plain js frontend sans libs using nosql at s3

Note when moving to free apache we also get free ssl and simplified management via htaccess

We use js array methods for query engine to crud ops

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Serverless functions = function as a service, when we only need a little bit of logic for our app

Netlify functions

Lambda function = aws

Cloudflare workers

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