Foundations of Web Design for Beginners - AWS and other Web Dev Topics

Ricks blog page - easy to follow guidance for the rank beginner

Foundations of Web Design for Beginners

Ricks Blog Page

here are some initial pieces of the web development puzzle for Windows ongoing blog endeavor

1. setting up web connectivity with FREE tier AWS here (12 months free)

2. host our first html page using apache24 here

3. design our first html page here

4. add SSL / https to our apache server and web pages here

this page is also the web development area of JavaSQLWeb were we put it all together using AWS and Apache24

AWS Serverless tutorial

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Removing Google Analytics and Replacing it with a cookie free Javascript Geo Tracking app

AWS Cloudfront DNS Migration Gotchas that no one tells you about

For more about Rick Delpo see FREE Java Tutorials at my home page